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we share a vision of a thriving community in Lambeth

Who we are

We are a grassroots network made up of over 40 local groups and community members. We combine our knowledge, passion, resources and skills to improve the health and wellbeing of the Portuguese-speaking community in Lambeth.

Working together

Together we share a vision of a thriving community in Lambeth where anyone interested in any aspect of their health and wellbeing feels free and confident to get what they need from people they trust.

Our partners are







Become a partner

If you are interested in becoming one of our partners, do send us a message using our form

What we do

We bring together local people, community organisations and health care staff to listen to each other and work together. Our partnership projects help people to live healthier lives and remove the barriers they face accessing health services. We run community wellbeing events, create health videos and leaflets in Portuguese, arrange breakfast clubs and constantly listen to and learn from one another and the local community.

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Our values


We have a strong set of values as a partnership which drive everything we do

From how we work, who we work with and the how we collaborate on projects

Here are some of our core values that are currently driving us

We are still in the early stages of developing as a partnership and are always looking to improve the way we talk about our work and communicate our values. If you have any suggestions for how we could do this, please get in touch, please click here.

We are inclusive and open to all.

You don’t have to be involved in health and care specifically to work with us. Wellbeing covers all aspects of our lives and our partnership is made up of large organisations, local groups and community members.


We base all we do on trust and relationships.

We spend time getting to know each other. We try and avoid long forms, formal meetings and hierarchy.


We respect and value the individual within a holistic context.

We consider each person’s different wishes, worries and experiences in the context of their whole lives and their households.


We are action orientated and learn from doing.

We strive to create an environment where there’s freedom and support to try, fail, learn and share.

We take a positive, aspirational approach to everything that builds on the strengths we already have.

We recognise that Lambeth has a rich and vibrant community that already supports and connects a wide range of people and we seek to build on what already exists at all levels.


We are flexible and committed to partnership working that combines our strengths, experiences and resources.

We champion the different skills and strengths each partner and person brings to the LPWP. We want to build upon the great work people involved in the LPWP are already doing.


We consider ourselves as much a part of the community as the community itself.

Many of us are part of and live in the communities that we work with. There is no ‘them’ and ‘us’. Even if we work for a certain organisation or group, organisations are people, people make organisations – they are not separate.

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